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Where it all began.

Heart & Bowl was an idea that was born out of my love for feeding family, friends and some that just needed a helping hand in the form of a warm bowl of soup. I spent many years enjoying the success of my corporate career but I found myself asking, “What do I want to do in the next chapter of my life?” The answer was easy; I wanted to make a difference, but how?

My Light bulb Moment.

One chilly afternoon, while walking my dog, I came across a VW bus in the parking lot at the park nearby that filled with possessions. (Unfortunately, it is not too hard to tell when someone is living out of their car.) I had just made my daughter a care package of her favorite soup, Hearty Tuscan Vegetable, and shipped it to her at college because she was sick and missing home. I still had a huge pot of soup leftover, so I headed back home and made a second care package of warm soup, fresh bread, and some cookies and went back to the park. That was the day that I met Andie and her twin little girls, Sophia and Sadie, and it changed my life. They were indeed homeless, and told me that bananas were all they had eaten for the past few days. They were hungry and very appreciative that someone would extend a gesture of care and concern. We talked for hours and I learned all about their situation and offered to help in anyway I could. We agreed to meet again the next morning, but sadly they never showed up.

Making a difference.

While I don’t know exactly what became of them, I felt that in a small way I did help make a difference for them. That was the day I started Heart & Bowl. I realized I could make a difference using my love of making soup for others. I would build a business committed to love, quality, and giving back. This is why we donate a portion of our profits to help feed someone in need from every gift purchased. 

Heart & Bowl is truly the soup gift that warms the soul. Not only will you feel good knowing you have sent someone a gift that will be truly enjoyed, you can also feel good knowing that together, we are helping make a difference in the lives of those in need.

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